The project involves the construction of the New Double-Track High-Speed Railway Tithorea – Lianokladi – Domokos. The new double-track line, which is 106 km long, is going to replace the mountainous section of the existing 122 km long single-track line.

The new alignment was designed for speeds of 160-200 km/h. The line starts at Tithorea Railway Station, it runs eastbound crossing Kallidromo mountain through a twin-tube single-track tunnel, each tube 9.036 m long, and then it runs through Sperchios river plain, before finally reaching the RS of Lianokladi. The line then crosses Othrys mountain through a twin-tube single-track tunnel, each tube 6.380 mlong, it runs through the dried-up lake of Xyniada and continues up the mountain of Domokos, where it reaches Domokos RS.

3 infrastructure contracts are currently in progress with a total cost of 617 million Euros.

To complete and open to traffic the new line, the following has been planned:

Installation of GSM-R wireless communication networkon the entire new double-track high-speed railway line Tithorea - Domokos.

Project objectives:

- reduce travel time between Athens and Thessaloniki to 3.5 hours, after completion of works.
- restore discontinuities of the trans-European transport networks, part of which is PATHE/P rail corridor that also includes this project.

Project status:
Under construction

2nd CSF 1994-1999
OP RAPT 2000 - 2006
NSRF 2007-2013

Project cost:

The project’s total cost is approx. € 1.5 billion, of which € 0.7 billion are included in the NSRF.

Important dates:
Start of construction: 1997
Project completion: 2015

Technical characteristics:
Section length: 106 km
Design speed: 160-200 km/h
• 4 single-track tunnels totalling 30.837,00 m.(i.e. Kallidromo and Othrys Tunnels)

• 12 double-track tunnels totalling 4.499,61 m.

• 18 double-track Cut & Covers totalling 2.374,75 m.

• 6 single-track Cut & Covers totalling 1.708,00 m.

• 49 Railway bridges totalling 6.086,88 m.

• 32 Grade-separated crossings totalling 2.764,50 m
• 2 New Railway Stations at Molos and Agios Stefanos and two new stops at Aggies and Thavmakos.


• Remaining infrastructure works and buildings, trackwork, E/M installations, signalling, telecommunications and electrification of the new double-track RL Tithorea - Domokos, with a tender budget estimated at approx. 370 million Euros.

Anticipatedproject completion: late 2015

• Planting works in the new double-track high-speed RL Tithorea - Lianokladi - Domokos.

2 contracts are planned to be tendered for the execution of planting works.

• Installation of GSM-R system.

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