The project involves upgrading the infrastructure and trackwork and fencing specific parts of the existing double-track railway line Inoi – Thessaloniki, to achieve speeds of up to 200 km/h. Upgraded line segments amount to approx. 255 km, calculated in single-track line, and are located in sections Inoi – Tithorea, Domokos – Larissa and Aiginio – Thessaloniki.


Upgrading the railway line fits into the wider project of completing Athens – Thessaloniki rail corridor and its objectives are to:

  • reduce travel time between Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • improve operating conditions and train traffic by increasing line capacity and service reliability.
  • increase safety of rail transport, which is an environmentally friendly mode of transport.


More specifically, the project includes the following:

  • upgrade of line infrastructure in parts where its condition is problematic.
  • upgrade of trackwork by replacing worn-out materials and correcting rail cant in curves.
  • minor structures, mainly for storm water run-off, and cleaning of existing trenches.
  • fencing of specific line sections, mainly near railway stations.


Project status:

OP RAPT 2000-2006

Project cost:
87,70 million Euros

Important dates:
Start of construction: 2005

Project completion: 2010

Technical characteristics:
Length of line sections: 255 km
Design speed: 200 km/h

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